Tuesday, 13 July 2010

TICK tock

Time is ticking and time to start finishing some paintings very soon. I've been pushing a few ideas around in a number of works and Connie says you do too much to them - (overwork them) she's right, often I am thinking that question what would happen if i did...(put a blue over there) but I try not to get too het up with the process nowadays.(good/bad?)ie
Oh no I put the blue there.
Great the blue goes well there
More blue needed..etc
I am quite attached to the making of abstract images through trial and error and a relationship with paint and the various ways of applying it and arranging it. I don't feel like dressing up what I'm doing at the moment but I read a quote from Bacon when his work was showing at the Tate last year that he thought abstract painting can never be more than just charming, lyrical and decorative. Apart from enjoying watching him speak about painting in grainy BBC interviews a bit of me wants to prove him wrong ! Haha.
Anyway time to dig out some drawings

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